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The Purchasing Platform for "Food" producers who want to get more return from their business process.

Why choose Inbak

Inbak “Efficiency”

What’s in it for you? Inbak likes to speak of the ‘Inbak Return’. This return is created by carrying out a tailor-made plan of approach for your purchasing portfolio. The return is not only the price of a product/service, but a good process that is tailored to your wishes. The result is a continuous process of improvement and optimal purchasing conditions.

Unique Software

IDIL is a procurement platform developed by Inbak with extensive contract management tools, market data, supply chain data, linkable data via API, Power BI reporting and administrative functionalities. It is cloud-based and can be configured with user rights for only multiple business administrations.

Professional team

Specialized buyers for a wide range of purchasing groups (packaging and services) form the basis of Inbak’s added value.

Market developments

By following market developments on a daily basis and identifying trends, Inbak can respond as effectively as possible to volatile prices.

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