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Inbak BV was founded in 2006 and has been part of the Triple i Sourcing Group (TISG) since 2012. Started as a purchasing organization for industrial bakeries, we have developed into the purchasing platform for producers in the food industry.

Chain thinking is in the genes of our company. As a group, we think from the perspective of the customer’s daily challenges. With a team of experienced professionals, smart IT solutions and a healthy drive, we take on any procurement challenge.

We are an extension of the customer’s purchasing department and work in account teams with the customer to manage (parts of) the purchasing portfolio. We do this based on a clear account plan in which grip and control over the strategic/tactical part of the purchasing process is the core of the collaboration.

We have specialists in a wide spectrum of purchasing categories and we combine volumes where this adds value. This is combined with tailor-made software solutions. This enables Inbak to contribute to a structural improvement in the position of its customers.


Looking at the food sector and the rapidly changing economy, there is a continuous challenge for manufacturers in the middle of the supply chain. On the one hand to market products that meet the wishes and requirements of consumers and on the other hand to conduct stable business operations.

Finding the right suppliers for raw materials/packaging/services is crucial for this. These suppliers must comply with set quality conditions  and deliver at the right stable conditions and must ensure that availability does not become an issue.

By combining knowledge, experience and scale with smart IT solutions, companies no longer have to reinvent and develop the wheel in all their purchasing categories.

With our independent purchasing platform, small, medium and large companies can be unburdened so that they can work on their core processes themselves and still have full control over their total purchasing portfolio.


Providing relevant procurement services to food manufacturers with impact in their supply chain.

Code of conduct, CSR and committed entrepreneurship.

We follow the guidelines for responsible purchasing from the NEVI. These guidelines have been implemented in the work processes and are propagated in the processes that we carry out for customers.

In the field of sustainable purchasing, we keep an eye on all the latest trends and developments so that we can meet the customer’s wishes in this area and help achieve the objectives.

In addition, as a purchasing organization in the food industry, we have been supporting The Hunger Project for many years. We recognize that access to food is not equal everywhere, but believe that ending hunger is about much more than food alone. It’s about people, which is why we are an active partner of The Hunger Project.

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