Wietse Nieuwenhuis

Being relevant to our customer and having an impact in the middle of the supply chain, that is what it is all about for us at the core. In theory a simple and clear starting point. However, the practice is quite complex. The 24-hour economy, the volatility of the markets, the capriciousness of the consumer, sometimes poor earnings models and the changing key positions of people mean that you have to be sharp and alert every day. Together with our customers and the supplier, we as Inbak ensure that repetitive processes in the chain are increasingly digitized and we make big data work for us. All with the aim of finding the right buying opportunities as much as possible and maximizing the return on our customers’ euros. All in all, we are already well on the way with a strong team of specialists, a powerful group of customers and cooperative suppliers. However, without scaling up in new expertise and innovative partners, we come to a standstill. I would therefore like to invite you for a good conversation under the motto: Alone you go fast, but together we get further!

Wietse Nieuwenhuis
Founder Triple i Sourcing Group

Why Inbak as a partner?

For you, a partnership with us means access to our network of experts/dedicated buyers and suppliers, optimization of purchasing processes.

From our office in Sneek we work with specialist buyers for customers throughout the country. In addition to daily support and ensuring the best buying opportunities, we offer a wide range of additional services that can benefit various disciplines in the supply chain and financial column.

This optimization can be in the field of contract management, but also for the management of specifications and/or certificates.

The foundation of our collaboration is based on entrepreneurship. The benefits (direct and indirect) of the collaboration should be higher than the costs.

Team Inbak


Strategic Procurement10
Process optimization10
Purchasing 4.010

5 reasons to work with us


We take the entire contract management off your hands. Including the most optimal purchasing moments.


We are knowledgeable, creative and have a 100% hands-on mentality.


We improve your purchasing processes and reduce your purchasing costs.


We are already working on purchasing 4.0 and are already thinking about purchasing 5.0!


Our buyers are specialists in each of their purchasing groups. A specialist for every category!
What our customers say about us/our services: